Autism Treatment With Dairy-Free Diet

Autism is being treated by parents who are focusing on their child’s food habits. Many believe Autistic children are sensitive to food. Some believe that dairy, also known by Casein, can cause Autistic children problems. It can seem difficult at first to eliminate all dairy from your child’s diet. Many children love cheese and ice-cream.

People who follow a dairy-free diet often eliminate Gluten from their diets. Casein is the ingredient in dairy that has been linked to problems. Casein is a protein that can be found in dairy products like milk, yogurt, butter and some hotdogs. It is important that children read labels on the food they eat.

You will need to ensure that your child is getting enough calcium if you decide to go dairy-free with them. Vitamin supplements or milk substitutes can help. Calcium is found in many foods.

The Autistic child may experience unwanted behaviors due to the Casein. Some people believe that if dairy products are eliminated, some behaviors will disappear. It will take several months before you can determine if your child is on the right diet. It is a good idea to first remove dairy from your diet if you want to eliminate Gluten. The removal of dairy from the body is much quicker than that of Gluten. It can take up to ten months for all gluten to be removed completely from the body.

It can be costly to follow a Casein-free diet. Milk replacements can cost twice as much as regular milk. Some stores may not carry dairy-free products. These products can be found in specialty or health food shops. For mail order, you can also find Casein-free products online. You can also find many Casein-free recipes online. Families can save money by purchasing bulk ingredients and find other families who follow the same diet. Then they split the food.

You should allow your Autistic child enough time to test the diet. You might consider keeping a journal to track your progress while you are trying the diet. Keep track of the behaviors that your Autistic child exhibits. You can then see if there are any changes in behavior. You may consider removing Gluten from your child’s diet if they are not responding to the dairy-free diet.

Have your Autistic child tested for dairy allergy (Casein). You will be able to determine if any other foods should be removed from your diet. Visit your local library for more information on Casein-free diets. Many books are available that discuss dairy-free living. You can also find great information on the internet.

A Casein free diet might be helpful in treating your child’s Autism. However, it is not a cure. It can only treat certain symptoms.

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