Eco Friendly Manufacturing – Top 3 Keys

Manufacturers who have switched to green manufacturing are saving thousands each year by operating eco-friendly facilities. Going green can reduce energy costs, and even help you save money on your insurance rates. Experts predict that green manufacturing is the most popular trend within the next five years. What is eco-friendly manufacturing? These are three key points that will help you clarify.

Reduce Waste – This is the first step to going green, operating, and eco-friendly green manufacturing. It involves identifying all waste and reducing the use of raw material. Manufacturers need to be aware of the potential for harmful emissions and waste from their business. The ISO 14001 process will allow you to examine the manufacturing company. Even if the manufacturer does not achieve certification, this process will help identify areas where improvement is needed. Another indicator that a flooring manufacturer is eco-friendly is if their products comply with the NSF 140 standards. This will ensure that the products meet all current market requirements and are safe for everyone. A green company will also employ solar, wind, or other alternative energy sources to lower energy costs. Innovative methods, such as using bio-diesel to power boilers or other components of an eco-friendly manufacturing facility, are examples of this.

Recycle – This is the simplest and easiest way to be green. The first place you should start is with the product your company makes. A company that cannot reclaim or recycle the materials it sells should be disqualified from being an eco-friendly manufacturer. First, companies should take full responsibility for their products. Then, they can return them and turn them into the exact same product in closed loop, cradle-to-cradle fashion. They should sell recycled content and fully recyclable products. If possible, they should also look at ways to divert waste streams and make use of those recycled materials in manufacturing. Once this is done, eco-friendly manufacturers should examine every aspect of their business and look for materials that can be reused, recycled, and reduced. Reusing products in an operational facility can save a company a lot of money and be a sign that the manufacturing process is eco-friendly.

Education and Eco Training – Knowledge is power. It is essential that all associates are educated about sustainability and the benefits it has for the economy, the environment, and the community. It is important to have a formal training program to educate employees about the benefits it offers to their employers and their families. Companies that use eco-friendly manufacturing take their employees to the local community to help with environmental projects. This is an additional way to teach the company through other activities. Many manufacturers offer incentives to employees who recycle and use other green initiatives, such as adding renewable energy systems to their homes. To help associates understand the importance of becoming more sustainable, eco-friendly manufacturers organize regular meetings.

It is easy to forget the effects of our daily choices and habits in a society that has abundant natural resources and immense wealth. It is possible to rebalance our needs for natural resources, energy and water. For doing the right thing environmentally, architects, builders, and contractors should be rewarded by building owners, designers, contractors, and architects.

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